About Me

• I currently reside in my hometown of sunny San Diego, California. In addition to photography, I’m also passionate about travel. So far I’ve visited 10 countries (not including the US), but I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon so that number is expected to rise!

• I’m a total nerd; I love history, literature, film… the list goes on. I have a tendency to become completely obsessed with different people, time periods, art movements, etc.

• I’m an animal lover! I have an amazing dog, and he’s the best fur baby I could have asked for. I’m also obsessed with teacup pigs, walruses, and pretty much all animals that are fat.

• At least 40% of the sentences I speak on any given day are direct quotes from movies or shows, and this usually impresses, annoys, or confuses whoever I happen to be speaking to.

• I love getting to know people and helping them appreciate their beautiful qualities that they may not even be aware of. I am fascinated with human nature and the way we interact with the world as a result of our experiences, and I think there are few things more beautiful than learning from those who are different from us. I am also an advocate for mental health. Having had my share of struggles, as well as seeing the people I love struggle with their own mental health, I think it is very important to be transparent and willing to talk about these things in order to remove the stigma around mental illness in general.

• I’m a big fan of bulleted lists.

About My Style

I’m a pretty well-rounded photographer, but my specialties are boudoir and destination weddings. Everyone is familiar with wedding photography, but people often don’t know what boudoir is, or why it’s important, so here’s my little explanation:

Boudoir  is an opportunity every woman should take. It’s a celebration of the female figure, and the many shapes and sizes that it can be.  There is nothing that warms my heart more than seeing a woman transform from being shy and insecure, to completely confident and full of self-love! I am so lucky that I get to play a part in that. Helping women see how beautiful they really are is such an amazing experience for us both, and I can’t imagine a more rewarding career. Every woman deserves to feel sexy, and there’s nothing that does the job quite like a Boudoir session.

I approach all avenues of my photography from the perspective of a Lifestyle Photographer. Whether I’m photographing my travels, or couples in love, or individuals doing the things they enjoy, I aim to tell stories and to show others that there are all kinds of beautiful people that make up this world.

My mind is centered around color. Compositionally, nothing stands out to me more, and it shows in my photographs. As an art student, my teachers and peers would always comment on my eye for color, and the way I utilize it in my work.

I love collaborating with people who have a specific vision in mind! I think it’s important as a photographer, and as a person, to expand your horizons and to challenge yourself to try new things.

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